15062873866_dba804697d_cWith the mobile-friendly views available and the fact that it’s a blog template, making it easy to update news and refresh the front page, I have decided to switch to WordPress to host my website. I will work on it as time allows, until I feel ready to switch my domain here and shut down the old site.

After the most challenging 18 months of my life, I think I’ve turned a corner. Getting our house of 16 years ready for sale, exploring the options of a new community/new life, the anticipation of returning to painting, riding horses again, and planning a short jaunt to the UK with my two favourite guys — life is moving forward again. Last week we did an overnighter to Whistler for the first time in a year and a half, to drop off/pick up paintings at White Dog Studio Gallery. On the way home we stopped at Furry Creek and I got this shot of the strangely beautiful light and colours of Howe Sound that day with my new-to-me Nikon D80. It’s a well-used older camera body but with results like this, I’m happy!

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