new website

Winter Song - 8x24
Winter Song – 8×24

We’re up and running! I have been tinkering with the website’s new layout and pages off and on for a couple of months and today finally switched my domain over. But my regular email address is still in tech-dunce-limbo. It’s safest to use if you need to contact me.

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  1. OK here I are! I see a little green graphic like fact’ry…Scaramouche!Scaramouche! can you…oops!
    Yes, you do have a site meter doo-dad.Presumably it will flash some sort of notification on your dashboard thingy?
    I also note you’ve come over to WordPress. Good girl.I actually wrote a blog post (about a month ago!) and found, to my confusion, that some things had changed. And I’ve not really had time to get back and write more….
    New site should be good;useful to have your work here and a blog page for whenever.
    Ciao! Bella

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