So… moving, mid January, in Canada. Isn’t that a smart idea? Looks like we’re on our way now anyway, so bring it on! Greg and I bought a big, ugly old 1970s rancher with an unfinished basement on the Sunshine Coast. It’s near the ferry in Langdale, which means we will still have easy access to Vancouver via a 40-minute ferry ride to Horseshoe Bay — important when you have a son plus an elderly mother and uncle in the city.

unfinished studio space in the basement
site of future studio

But first things first: renos! Here is the space in the basement that will become my studio.

There is a mind-boggling amount to do, but the view makes it all worthwhile, and Gibsons is a great small town. It should all make for an interesting Christmas!


  1. WOW !  Read ENVY .  Congrats, and good luck with the weather when you move.  I know you will love it for the lifestyle change, and back into the environment you love.  

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  2. Lovely! Hope you all will be very happy out there in the boonies. May I come visit when it all gets too much here? Not in the winter though. I will spare both of us that chaos. Perhaps in the Spring when you are settled in. Enjoy!

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