phase one: complete

1911 house mI must have been ready to paint again, because I finished this commission in the middle of an unfinished kitchen, while also doing the many jobs and negotiating the chaos of completing phase one of our big house reno. We’ll be taking a breather before we tackle phase two. Phase three is my studio, so the kitchen is it for the foreseeable future.

Pretty much the last painting I did before we lost Adam was a dealer-generated commission based on one of my earlier works. The first painting I did after that long fallow period was a dealer-generated commission based on an earlier work. The  circumstances seemed to signal that it was time … and the timing was good. I wanted to do this painting because I knew it was what I needed to jump start the engine: something cheerful and light-hearted. It’s been ages — years — since I did one of these house portraits and revisiting the process was, well, just plain fun.1963 panel


  1. Good for you, Andrea!
    Gorgeous painting as always!!
    BTW, I wanted to give my son, Matthew, a significant gift when he graduated with his Phd. I gave him the Glasgow Street painting, which was where he grew up from age 6 till he moved out. It made me sad to part with it but he LOVES it.


    • Now *that* is a story I will remember. I have to remind myself that in spite of the ‘fun’ factor, there is emotional significance to these house portraits. And congrats to Matthew. All the sweeter for you I’ll bet.


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