pointed questions

Notpointed question study too long after writing my last post an idea popped into my head. Eying the cradled panel, all prepped and ready for a painting based on the drawing I’d already done (see last post), I decided to do another study, based on my new idea, to match the panel dimensions. Then I rationalized that once I had a studio I’d have to get serious again, and that meant both mess making and experimentation on the one hand and focused work on the other … neither of which I am set up to do in my kitchen. But this was an ‘investigative’ piece I could do now.

I confess that I am experiencing some frustration at not having had a studio for well over a year. I’m afraid that these past few months of ideas and inspiration galloping out of my head and onto my sketchbook pages in the form of doodles, notes and sketches will immediately dry up when I’m finally faced with a real work space. The studio is coming along — but slowly — as my in-house carpenter learns what he’s doing, does it right, and still has the gall to work a full-time job. In the meantime, just finding a bottle of varnish can take upwards of an hour in the black pit of despair below stairs.








southwest mandalaOne thing I can do right now is whatever grabs my attention, like this little ink and gel pen mandala. So tightly controlled, it took me ages. In art, like many things, size certainly has nothing to do with time investment.

But back to the painting. I did finish it, sticking to the simplicity of the original composition and experimenting with precise yet softly-blended edges. But I realized that the focus and sheer fine-motor control required to paint like this would be hard to sustain, though I am definitely digging the imagery.

pointed question
Pointed Question – oil on cradled panel – 20×24

I want to make messes again!


  1. Read this in my email and as it loaded I thought “ooh!” The first image reminded me at once of the stained glass we (mostly Peter!) did, years ago.
    Coming down to the final image, it’s less so, but still very much like the lead that defines sections of glass.
    And I understand the urge to get messy.

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  2. No, I love the idea of reinterpreting an idea in various mediums. I often get told that my work resembles stained glass. Stained glass and quilting: two new areas to consider! (And thank you!)


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