calendar project

I’ve been thinking it would be fun to create a 2017 calendar of mandala images, with subject matter that matches the month. I’d already done two when the idea occurred to me. Not long after that I was commissioned to create the mandala below for a young teenager going through a difficult transition. I asked her mother what things she likes and, from her responses, tried to integrate them into a single image. From robots to strawberries, it was a fun exercise in problem solving.

So far I have completed six images that might work, but have no idea how to go about thebella mandala process of publication. Getting the images camera-ready is not a problem for me, but do I go to a local printer or find an online printing solution? The last time I did something like this I went online, but the profits pretty much went all to the company who provided the service, and I’d like to find a way to make it more cost-effective.

In the painfully-slow process that is involved in creating a studio from scratch, doing these small coloured works on paper has been something I can accomplish in a limited space.

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  1. Whenever possible, I try to give my money to local artisans. Not always possible and often not easy, but damn! it feels good to know my pennies stay local and probably keep circulating here.

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