baby steps

August was full of summer activities, but I managed to squeeze out three paintings in my new studio. The first was a very small abstract experiment (oil), followed closely by a tiny painting of dragonflies for a little boy’s first birthday (acrylic).

I decided to jump into my first ‘real’ painting, based loosely on a photo I took on Hornby Island earlier in the summer, with both feet. It’s a large-ish painting, 28″ x 22″, and it saw me employing a slightly different process with more underpainting. It’s an oil painting so I needed to wait about a week for the underpainting to dry. I’m eager to try this method again as I can see where the process can be tweaked and the underpainting allowed more ‘presence’ in the finished work.

Tanglewood – oil on canvas – 28″ x 22″


  1. I like them all, but the Tanglewood is particularly complex and beautiful. Turquoise or teal in it should make it a popular piece for you to sell – a colour that is the fashion these days.


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  2. Good for you! Glad your studio is getting good use!….Love the Hornby one, very much ‘Hornby’…actually they are all very eye catching…you need to come back here !

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