Things are humming along nicely here, including a couple of new smaller paintings and the first proofs of my calendar project hot off the presses. Here’s a sneak peek at the calendar:

And here’s a smaller painting in my new series. I’m having so much fun that taking a break to work on a landscape ended up being two days of folly, frustration and failure. I discovered a home truth about my process: if I can’t visualize the final result before I even start I am pretty much doomed for failure. Occasionally I make great discoveries that I would never have made if I hadn’t jumped in blindly. And very often the final result of a piece I can visualize before I start changes direction. But I usually need that image in my head to keep me from going astray.

Plush - oil on canvas - 12
Plush – oil on canvas – 12″ x 24″

The calendars will be for sale as soon as they’re printed, and I will post details again at that time. Meanwhile, here is the whole year of drawings, in chronological (calendar year) order, on my kitchen floor:



  1. I like the progress of the painting. As usual I’m in love with the colours and the shapes. We must have one of the calendars, the mandalas are lovely, so please put us down on your customer list when they’re ready for sale. Mum.

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