The last couple of weeks have been highly productive, but I hestitate to say why. Maybe there were larger forces at work when I fell off a large and unfamiliar horse almost two weeks ago — forces that know how torn I am between wanting to work and wanting to ride! The enforced break from riding, cleaning stables, hiking and walking the dog have been concentrated on painting up a storm and doing my two-afternoon-a-week job at a local elementary school. I am healing, and the ride was a blast, so I can’t complain. It was two days before the annual Roberts Creek meet of the Fraser Valley Hunt and I went over the course with my riding coach on one of her horses rather than on Monty. It was fast and fun and we came cantering over the final jump back home in the arena — a small log — and Tanta decided it was party time, dumping me unceremoniously in the dirt. Nothing broken, but I’m definitely not as young as I used to be! Yay for inflatable safety vests. It’s like wearing an airbag.

These two are the most recent additions to the series I’m working on:

Crosswind - 30x40
Crosswind – oil on canvas – 30″ x 40″
Copse - 18x36
Copse – oil on canvas – 18″ x 36″

As for my mandala calendar project, I have been steadily selling calendars and they are almost gone, so I have started adding the originals to my Etsy shop. Check out what’s happening here.

There’s a great new art initiative that I’ve gotten involved with here on the Sunshine Coast. It hasn’t officially launched yet, but I love what I know so far so stay tuned.

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