Silvern - 18x36
Silvern – oil on canvas – 18″ x 36″

I have been working steadily on administrivia: reorganizing my website, updating my price list and creating a new CV. Starting fresh in 2017! Working on the CV was a trip down memory lane. I’ve always been terrible about keeping up-to-date with it (I even completely lost it once by mistake), and needed to comb my old blog posts to pinpoint what-happened-when. I got so distracted by the things I’d forgotten (my favourites were the occasional hilarious anecdotes of my kids growing up) that it took forever.

I do miss those pre-social-media days of early blogging. The friendships I made and professional connections were invaluable, and the structure was great. It pushed me to be a better writer, a better artist and more observant. And as I find my way again after what was effectively a three-year hiatus from painting, everything has changed in the world of art marketing, and I need to start from scratch. The momentum is lost and someone moved the goal posts when I wasn’t looking.

Meanwhile, here’s a new landscape painting.

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