snow crows

We’ve had a winter that is rivalling Edmonton for the amount of snowfall. Since the last year we even had measurable snowfall was 2014, that’s a pretty significant departure. The great thing for me has been seeing the local wildlife in a new and different context. The crows in snow are my favourites, so I felt compelled to work from some of the photos I took out my window. These two paintings are 24″ x 18″ oil on panel, and will be coming with me to Whistler next month when I spend March 18th and 19th as Artist In Residence at Crystal Lodge Art Gallery. The crow in the second photo looks to me like a small-time thug, backed up by his two stooges.snow-crows

raven-with-snow-beakNext I want to tackle ravens in the snow on Mount Seymour. I took some irresistible photos after snowshoeing there last weekend. Ravens are the most playful birds I’ve ever observed, with their barrel-roll acrobatics and love of rolling in the snow. I keep returning to corvids as subject matter, so have decided to just play with it, like the ravens.


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