a question of etsy

My compulsive experimentation has led me astray lately — into the world of small watercolour paintings/illustrations. These little ‘retro tech birds’ have been a fun and easy solution to not having large chunks of time to devote to oil painting. I have just updated my online shop and included them.

I must admit that I updated Etsy with some reservations. Way back when, Etsy was a great place for certain kinds of artists to sell online. If you got in early, kept your prices low and appealed to a wide range of art lovers, it could be the key to your success. Some of these artists have had enough momentum to continue their Etsy success to this day. For me it was one element in my toolbox that did fairly well for a couple of years, but I quit listing on Etsy when I realized that larger originals selling in bricks-and-mortar galleries was a better fit for me.

Fast forward to today, and I have been looking at different marketing options, including Etsy, as I start up a three-year-lapsed art career again. It looks to me like Etsy has become so huge that unless you have an established client base or a huge social media presence, your Etsy listings disappear without a trace into the behemoth that the sales site has become. I have read the articles and obeyed the advice about tagging, titles, attributes, etc., but still my work gets virtually no remote views via Etsy — only via me. Where do people go now to buy art online? Every step I take reminds me how things have changed and how much I have to re-learn about art marketing.

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