laser-cut wood art and art card sets

hello-notecard-sets-of-four.jpgI am embarking on a little collaboration project with Adele Miller, owner of the new Just Be Caws Etsy shop, and a dear friend of my late son, Adam. Adele and her mother made the trip here from Seattle for his memorial service, and to read a beautiful poem that she’d written about him. Adele is making pendants and earrings, laser engraved in birch. I do the design, Adele creates the pieces. Since we both live in the Pacific Northwest — both sides of the Canada/USA border — natural themes engraved in wood seem like the perfect combination. Her shop is here. (And check out my online shop for new sets of notcards.)


  1. Andrea. What a great collaboration!

    You popped immediately to mind in a conversation with the mother of one of Dylan’s school buddies. She’s writing a children’s book and is seeking an illustrator. She’s never done one before but then I didn’t think you had either. I think your art could be engaging for kids as much as adults and I wanted to reach out to gauge your interest in a conversation with her. No pressure but I had to ask.

    Be well




  2. Hey Blair — good to ‘hear your voice’. Sounds interesting. Illustrating a kids’ book is something I’ve pondered on and off so yes — send her my way. I’d love to know more about her project.


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