sunshine coast art crawl

Loch and Ben – 12×36

Well, I did it! I bit the bullet and signed up for the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, a huge event here. I’m really not sure what to expect, but there’s an orientation tonight and I have a fair bit of work to show from the past year, plus a few older pieces ‘on file’. I am also adding new work every week, including the above painting, which I finished on Wednesday.

About the painting: I had just heard about Scotland beating out Canada for the world’s most beautiful country by Rough Guides when a Facebook friend posted a photo he’d taken of the Arrochar Alps, Loch Lomond and Ben Lomond. I suddenly felt this urge to paint it… and so I did!

But back to the Art Crawl. It’s not until next month, so I still have time to both plan and panic! There will be 144 venues this year which is pretty amazing considering the population base. Mine is venue #2! It has truly been a year of experimentation for me, so the work I will be showing expresses that wide variation, from medium to style to subject matter. Here’s the info:


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