pied corvids

Here’s an example of making art for the frame! It’s funny where inspiration comes from. While taking a sort of inventory for the upcoming Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, I noticed this unused frame and realized that I had a stack of 5″ x 7″ watercolour paper that would fit nicely into the mat spaces. I had been making pen sketches of corvids with patterned black areas in my sketchbook, so had the inspiration for doing something a little more formal in watercolour, using pied corvids as the theme. The result was this: a selection of pied crows, a magpie, a hooded crow and a pied raven.

The pied raven is the second from the top. I had been looking for photo references of bi-coloured ravens and kept coming across old paintings and taxonomic photos of the pied raven, but no actual photos. So I painted a white-necked raven instead, which ended up looking more like a Dodo bird. šŸ˜¬ Since the Dodo is also extinct, maybe that was a message to re-visit the pied raven, which I then discovered was a small subspecies of our own common raven found only in the Faroe Islands, and extinct since the mid-twentieth century.

I’m really pleased with the framed result. Never undersestimate the creativity needed to solve a practical problem!

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