the spirit of experimentation

When I was asked if I could paint the underside of a skateboard the way I paint canoe paddles, I was immediately intrigued and answered “yes”… of course! And that’s how this little commission of magpies, mountains and trees was born. Now I’m starting to wonder what other objects/surfaces I can paint and hang on a wall. Hide your children!

In that same spirit of experimentation, I had this almost-finished mixed-media work hanging about my studio for well over six months, no idea how to finish it. Then about a week ago I pulled it out and decided that the main character needed a spiral rainbow. This small (8″ x 10″) piece was made by adhering one of my photos (of Delta’s Tilbury industrial area) to a cradled wood panel, then creating the image with oil paint, stencils and oil marker. It’s titled Cry, Cry, Crow after a haunting song by @the_pines.

I can probably thank all the fun and hard work that was had at the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl for this burst of creativity. The first day started with a broken easel and power outage that lasted all day, and then the rain came on Saturday, but there was no dampening of spirits and I ended up really enjoying meeting so many art enthusiasts.

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