pied corvid notecards and persephone

I thought this collection of patterned, pied corvid watercolours would make perfect simple notecard sets, so I have had some printed and they are now available in my Etsy shop. These birds are all black-and-white members of the family corvidae: pied raven (extinct), pied crow, hooded crow and black-billed magpie. Only the magpie is indigenous to North America.  The hooded crow exists in northern Europe, the pied crow in Africa, and the pied raven has been extinct since the mid-twentieth century. They were a subspecies of our common raven, but only existed in the Faroe Islands.

I have been stocking Etsy with small, original art at discounted prices and as they have sold have added more. I plan to add a few more before Christmas.

And in other news, my paddles are now on display and for sale ($300) at one of my favourite places on the Sunshine Coast, Persephone Brewing Company. It seems like the perfect venue for these babies, and with the great news about updates to the ALR regulations that ensure @persephonebrewing and other farm-based breweries have a future, consider it a celebration!

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