winter 2018

It’s been a winter of web-building projects and horse projects and many other things, all done with the drumming of rain either in the background or on my head! (So much for the new snowshoes — smokin’ hot deal — that arived in today’s post!) But the studio has also been buzzing part-time. I just finished and delivered this paddle commission. My specific directions were, “I like this paddle over here. Can you do something similar for us?” What came next was an exercise in both psychology and detective work: figuring out the palette, trolling Facebook for reference photos (they have two French bulldogs and two kayaks), and incorporating where they live. I’m no amateur sleuth, though, as I got the kayak colours wrong!

Pointed Question


Today I dropped this painting off with the Sechelt Hospital Foundation, as a donation to their new art program in their renovated wing. I probably should have submitted something larger (it’s only 20” x 24”), especially after I saw the size of the artwork already there, but since this was painted towards the end of my own long healing process following a bike accident that resulted in two surgeries and losing a year and a half of my life, I think it was the right choice.

As for February, I have these three oil abstracts in a great local show being mounted by One Flower One Leaf Gallery in Gibsons Landing. The opening is February 9th at 7:00 pm.

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