The natural world, particularly the wild areas of British Columbia, has always been my primary inspiration, and my practice has been all about exploring its interpretation. I have a driving curiosity which means leaving no stone unturned, but I regularly re-visit symbols and themes that intrigue me, using personal motifs and patterns.

Andrea Pratt grew up in a house facing Howe Sound and spent her childhood with a pencil in her hand, drawing alongside her brothers. At age 19 she started travelling and going to university, and spent the next dozen years living/working/playing/studying/teaching in three regions of British Columbia, the UK and Greece. She didn’t start painting again until 18 years after receiving her BFA from the University of Victoria. Since then she has worked steadily, shown and sold her work internationally, and continued chasing down new ideas until life took an unexpected turn after family tragedy and a cycling accident. 2013-2016 saw a three-year painting hiatus and a move to British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast — into a house facing Howe Sound. She is also back home in the studio.

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